Fanding Brand Introduction


Fanding Brand Introduction

As an international high-end brand of Taizhou Aode Construction Technology Co., Ltd., Yifanding is mainly engaged in customer-oriented hardware products, including standard parts, hardware accessories, construction hardware, metal screws, expansion hardware, etc., which are widely used in construction , electric power, railway, home improvement and other industries, and is famous for its high quality, occupying a leading position in the industry, and creating an international high-end hardware manufacturing brand.

Fanding Brand Concept

The brand has always adhered to the brand concept of "fine craftsmanship, the best quality in the world", adhered to the production criteria of originality and excellence, integrated advanced technology, kept pace with the times, satisfied with real high-quality products and efficient services, and fully satisfied all stages of consumption. demand.


Fanding Brand Culture

Be honest and trustworthy, carry out responsibility and go far, only do business with integrity, have a sense of responsibility, and always be responsible to customers

Sincere and enthusiastic, attentive service - treat every consumer with enthusiasm and sincerity, and pay attention to customer needs attentively

Ambition is lofty, Zhichuanghuiyan is committed to the pursuit of lofty values, has the courage to pioneer and innovate, and constantly update products

Fanding Brand Advantage

Product Advantages

Select high-quality raw materials and precise design, so that each product is outstanding and makes the best use of it; The variety of products is comprehensive and rich. According to the needs of consumers, "the right medicine", customized research and development and production of products that meet the psychological needs of consumers; each product model has the standard approval document of the relevant regulatory department, which conforms to national standards, is safe, stable, and guaranteed. .

Technical Advantages

Keeping pace with the times, adopting modern advanced technology, many experts and designers jointly research and develop and innovate, to ensure that the products are always leading the industry level; adhering to the advanced design concept from beginning to end, developing patents, not only maintaining exquisite appearance and high-end Quality, win the trust of consumers in the brand, and bring consumers a different feeling and experience.

Efficient Service

Start with service, always serve, accurately understand consumer needs, and continuously improve the standardization and refinement of services. From pre-sale to after-sale, strictly follow the principles of saving time, trouble and worry, and concentrate on sincere service to the end, Dedicating step-by-step first-class quality services, we will try our best to solve problems for consumers.