Car Repair Anchor

Short Description:

1. The conical body of the screw head is matched with the collar, and the gasket and the nut are placed to form a complete staggered bolt body.

2. There is no protruding chess wedge on the anchor bolt collar, and the friction resistance is generated when it is installed with the hole wall.

Product Detail

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Technical Parameters

Specification Bolt Diameter Anchor diameter Maximum installation Anchor length Drilling diameter Drilling depth Rally Shearing knife
M8×50 8 8 10 50 8 35 7.19 7.32
M8x60 8 8 15 60 8 45    
M8×70 8 8 15 70 8 55    
M10×80 10 10 20 80 10 60 11.83 8.29
M10×100 10 10 3o 100 10 8o    
M12×100 12 12 25 100 12 8o 18.63 15.3
M12x110 12 12 3o 110 12 9o    
M12×120 12 12   120 12 100    
M16×150 16 16 3o 150 16 125 32.8 23.5
M16x200 16 16 35 200 16 180    
M20×200 20 20 35 200 20 160 45.6 34.6
M24x200 24 24 40 260 24 200 68.8 48.4

Product Features

1. The structure is simple in design, reasonable in structure and suitable for rapid flooding installation.

2. Suitable for all kinds of pipes, cable trays, light steel keels and other roof hanging and hoisting systems.

3. Material: The screw is made of high quality carbon, stainless steel cold micro-machined, and the collar is made of carbon steel cold-pressed.


1. How do you control your quality.

We require QC to check every production link of every product. We can provide you with MTC and factory certificate after the goods are finished.

2. Can you provide free samples?

For new customers, we can provide free samples of standard fasteners, but customers will pay for express delivery. For old customers, we will send samples to you for free and pay the courier cost.

3. Do you accept small orders?

Of course, we can take any order, and we have a large stock of all stainless steel, carbon steel nuts and bolts, such as hex weld nuts, cage nuts, wing nuts, square weld nuts, cap nuts, hex nuts, flange nuts. Metric 8.8Grade, 10.9Grade 12.9Grade hex bolts and socket head cap screws, some hex cap screws.

6. How about your delivery time

Generally speaking, if the goods are in stock, we can ship within 2-5 days, if the quantity is 1-2 containers, we can give you 18-25 days, if the quantity is more than 2 containers and you are urgent, we can Give the factory priority to produce your goods.

4. What is your packaging.

Our packing is a carton of 20-25kg, a pallet of 36 or 48 pieces. One pallet is about 900-960 kg, we can also make customer's logo on the carton. Or we customize the carton according to customer's request.

5. What is your payment term

For general order, we can accept T/T, LC, for small order or sample order, we can accept Paypal and Western Union.

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