Ear Shaped Hardware Aluminum Alloy Stone Curtain Marble Wall Mounting Bracket

Short Description:

Our products stone curtain wall system is suitable for construction or curtain wall

We produce different types of products in different sizes.

Suitable for marble, granite, clay, glass, ceramic tile, etc.  Thickness from 8mm to above.  In this

Our products are dry – hanging latch, groove and back – bolt.

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Product Introduction

Our products can be used in stone, granite, marble, tile, terracotta, ceramics, glass, aluminum honeycomb boards etc. which widely using in Europe now. The fixing method have hundreds of fixing methods, we can support whole fixing system or accessories. which the fixing system/bracket can be used for construction buildings exterior wall facade stone anchoring. 

Material: Aluminum Alloy 6063-T5/T6.

Channels connected concret wall which use strength bracket/anchor without welding,no treatment of anti-rusty.Pendant hanging in the Aluminum Alloyh profile directly and easy postioning for cladding.

Save cost as less labors and construction period.

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Technical Parameters

AODE Others
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy Zinc Plated Steel
Frame Assemble Factory Pre-Assembly Onsite Assembly
Installation More faster,easier and flexiable to connect and fix tightly with Wall and ladding via pattened Pre-assembled Frame to use accessories,Save cost of operation time and labor Onsite assembly with complicated operation
Welding Onsite No Need Yes
Anti-rusty Treatment After Welding No Need Yes
Noise and Pollution Onsite No Yes
Cladding Maintenence More easier Normal
System Overall Life More 50 years withtout frame maintenence About 20 year with cost of parts maintenence
Applied Cladding Stone, granite, marble, tile, terracotta, ceramics, glass, aluminum honeycomb boards etc. Specific

Product Advantages

Aode accessories Specializing in the production of ear-shaped curtain wall pendant series products, in the production process, the introduction of advanced production equipment, selection of high-quality raw materials, and the rich production experience of company members, is committed to producing a variety of ear-shaped curtain wall pendant products with excellent performance.

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