T-shaped Stone Curtain Wall Pendant

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T-shaped stone curtain wall pendant and butterfly buckle curtain wall dry pendant have a relatively high market share, low price and good flatness.

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At present, the fire panel curtain wall we have made adopts the T-shaped curtain wall pendant system. Its construction sequence is as follows: first, install the keel and the fixed embedded parts on the main structure of the building according to the design of the curtain wall on the walls and beams of the building structure. ;The second part is to install the main body bearing keel (mainly carbon structural steel keel), and during the installation of the main body bearing keel, it is necessary to arrange the installation of fireproof and thermal insulation materials; after the above processes are completed and the concealed project is qualified, the rest is to burn board installation.

According to the design requirements, in general, the reserved gap between the burning boards is about 6-8mm, and some are larger. Generally, the burning boards have more fixed short grooves on site, and some are slotted in the burning board factory. However, due to the deviation of the main body keel and the installation holes of the curtain wall dry pendant of the burning board, it is also necessary to trim the short groove before installation. Hold the upper burner board, and at the same time use the lower flap of the same pendant to hook the lower burner board.

Thoughts on the application of T-shaped curtain wall pendants: In the dry-hanging project of the burning board, some installers did not strictly implement the requirements according to the design drawings. The stone curtain wall pendant not only did not support the burning board above, but also reserved the size of the design gap for convenience. There is metal material between the plates, and the material is not taken out after the burning board is fixed and installed stably, but the weather-resistant sealant is directly applied in the gap of the facade to block it.

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Adjustable Bracket
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Stone, Granite, Marble, Tile, Terracotta, Ceramics
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Suitable for concrete and dense natural stone, metal structure, metal profile, bottom plate, support plate, bracket, baluster, window, curtain wall, machine, girder, girder, bracket, etc.

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