Stainless Steel Hot Forge Hex Nuts

Short Description:

Material: SS201 , 304, 316, B8, B8M etc.

DIN934, DIN439; UNI5587; IS04032: M24–M80

GB6170, GB6175: M24-M80

IFI D6 & D12 ( ASTM A194): 7/8”- 3″

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Technical Parameters

Material Stainless Steel
Fastener type Hex
Thread size M 20
Exterior finish Stainless Steel
Metal type Stainless Steel
Finish type Polished
  • Type: hex nut
  • Thread: M20 (metric, 20 mm)
  • Material: Stainless steel (VA, V2A, A2)
  • Standard: DIN 934 / ISO 4032
  • Shape: hexagon
  • Versatile hexagon nuts, designed to securely fasten a screw or bolt
  • 9/16-18 UNF imperial thread size
  • Hexagon Nuts
  • A4-70 cold-worked Stainless Steel, also known as marine grade or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Manufactured to ANSI B18.2.2 specification

9/16-18 UNF Imperial Hexagon Nuts (ANSI B18.2.2) - Marine Stainless Steel (A4) Description

The 9/16-18 UNF Imperial Hexagon Nuts (ANSI B18.2.2) - Marine Stainless Steel (A4) has the following features:

  • ANSI B18.2.2 Manufacturing Standard
  • 0.13mm General Tolerances
  • Marine Stainless Steel (A4) Material
  • Marine Stainless Steel (A4) Material Specification
  • Natural Finish
  • 18 TPI Thread Pitch
  • Imperial Metric or Imperial?
  • 9/16-18 Thread Size
  • 0.496 inch Nut Thickness (T)
  • 0.875 inch Nut Width A/F (J)
  • 1.01 inch Nut Width A/P (P)

Product Description

Discover more about the Imperial Hexagon Nuts range.

Hexagon Nuts are designed to be used with Machine Screws or Bolts to securely fasten two or more components together. This is achieved through a combination of friction of the threads, a slight stretching of the bolt and the compression (or clamping) of the parts being held together.

Nuts and Bolts are often used alongside a Washer, which helps to distribute the fastener load and can also be used for protection and spacing. For applications where additional space saving is required, Imperial Serrated Flanged Hexagon Nuts, a variant with an integrated washer, can be used.

Hex Nuts are also commonly known as Full Nuts and can be installed using tools such as a spanner, socket wrench or a ratchet.

Imperial Thin Hexagon Nuts are typically used for light to medium duty fastenings, having the advantage of a thinner nut length for better space saving on installation.

For heavier duty applications, Imperial Heavy Hex Nuts are recommended.

Imperial Hex Nut Materials

Components in this range can be manufactured from A2 and A4 Stainless Steel, in either natural or Matte Black finish, or from Mild Steel (Grade 4.6) with a Zinc Plated option available for added corrosion resistance.

Imperial Hexagon Nuts

Accu's Imperial Hex Nuts are available in UNC, UNF and BSW thread types, with manufacturing standards BS 57, BS 1083, BS 1768, ANSI B18.2.2 and ANSI B18.6.3 available.

Metric Hexagon Nuts

Metric Hexagon Nuts are available from Accu in thread sizes M1 up to M56, with Metric Fine Pitch Hex Nuts also available as standard.

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